Trimming and edging should I really spend the extra time?

Trimming and edging is an easy step that gives your lawn that complete and finished look.  Areas where the grass meets the paved areas or planting beds can make or break the appearance of your lawn.  This attention to detail is the difference between a well manicured lawn and one with a messy, unkempt appearance.

It is best if you mow your entire front and back lawn first.  Please note, this should be done before you enter the clean-up phase.

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Line Trimmer......The Weed Whacker

Cuts the grass in areas where the mower won't reach.  

Hold the machine level with the ground.  Go around all areas of turf that the mower could not cut including around the entire house, tree rings, planted beds, shed, patio, driveway and curbs.  

This should be done each time you mow.  The only exception is summer time when it should be done every other time you mow.

TIP: Never use a trimmer to trim grass areas too close to a tree trunk.  At first glance, it may seem harmless, but the damage caused by the trimmer can kill the tree.  Especially if the damage happens over and over again.  The damaged areas can provide an entrance for disease and insects into the tree.  Also, it can destroy the water and food conducting tissues of the tree.


Creates a straight border with another surface such as your driveway.  

Organic matter builds up over time and windblown soil collects along the sidewalks, driveways and street curbs.  This build-up lets grass grow a few inches over the pavement.

This is a tool that is designed to cut between the pavement and lawn to remove the build-up.  It is best to use the edger when the soil is moist (not soaking wet).

You don't need to use this machine every time you cut your grass.  It depends on how clean you like the lines between the pavement and the grass. A few times a month may suffice.  

It is especially important in the spring.  It helps your lawn look it's best when it is emerging out of it's winter dormancy stage.  

These are a few things you should remember when using this piece of equipment.....

  • You should do this along the sidewalks.
  • If you have a concrete driveway, you should do this along the driveway.
  • Do not do this around an asphalt driveway.  It is too uneven around the perimeter of the driveway.  This is a possible safety hazard to you or someone walking by if a piece of asphalt flies out from under the machine.

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For example, it is a good idea to trim along the fence.

Lawn is not edged along the sidewalk.

Nicely edged lawn along the sidewalk.