Plugs and sprigs, the lower cost alternative to sod

Plugs and sprigs are alternatives to using sod.  These types of material are typically used in warmer climates.  Both are less expensive options to sodding your yard.  However, this is not the fastest way of reaching your goal of an established lawn.  Late spring and early summer are the optimal times to plant them.  Also, regardless of how you plant your lawn the preparation is the same as for seeding.  This includes using a starter fertilizer.

Using Plugs

To me, they are the equivalent of buying established garden plants.  They are 2-4 inch pieces of sod either shaped in a square or a circle.  You can buy them from your local garden center or nursery.  You can also make your own out of sod.

First you want to dig shallow holes that are 2-3 inches deep.  They should be spaced out 6-12 inches apart.  Using this method can take up to two years to produce a completely filled in lawn.  When you space them 6 inches apart, full growth is quicker than when they are spaced 12 inches apart.  Also, the closer together that you space them, the more expensive your project becomes.  Once you plant them, you want to make sure the roots have good contact with the soil.  You want to make sure you  water daily for the first few weeks.  Thereafter, water as necessary.

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Using Sprigs

These are stems of grass without soil attached.  The fastest way to plant them is to place them over the soil by hand, cover them with soil and use a roller lightly over the area.  2-3 inches of the plant should be exposed to the sunlight.  As with the seeding, the roller should have very little water.  It should be filled no more than half-way.  You want to make sure there is good contact with the soil to ensure proper growth.  Water daily for the first few weeks.  

Thereafter, water as necessary.  This method can take up to two years to fill in all the bare areas.

If you live in a warmer climate, this may be the best method for you to plant a lawn.  As I indicated before it is considerably less expensive than using sod.  It just requires you to be patient to get he results you desire.

St. Augustine Grass Plugs