Lawncare Safety Tips

Lawncare safety is an important consideration when using your lawn care equipment.  Safety should always be first and foremost on your mind.  This should never be taken lightly.  Accidents with lawn equipment can cause severe lacerations or something even worse like an amputation.

Below I have outlined lawncare safety tips for you to use. Some may seem like common sense tips.  That doesn't mean you shouldn't take the tip seriously.

Lawn Mower Safety

  • First thing before you run your mower---Read the owner's manual and warning labels.  This manual is specific to your lawn mower and it's safe operation.
  • Children 14 and under should not be near a lawn mower unless they fully understand how it operates and safety guidelines.  This age group is especially susceptible to injury.
  • Walk around your yard and pick up anything that would obstruct your path (i.e. toys, branches, sticks, stones, garbage, etc.).  If you accidentally mow over an obstruction, it can fly up and hit you in the eye.
  • Never fill the gas tank near a lit cigarette.
  • Always fill the gas tank outside.  Remember to only fill the tank 3/4 of the way full.
  • Clean-up gas spills immediately.
  • Never leave your mower unattended while it is running.  Most machines now have an automatic safety shutoff.  Once your hands leave the mower for a period of time, the mower shuts down.
  • Do not cut wet grass. If you ignore this safety tip it is a good way to lose your footing.
  • Do not put your hands or feet anywhere near the mower blades while the machine is running.  If the discharge chute gets clogged or you need to adjust a tire, turn off the machine first.
  • Never cross pavement with a running mower.
  • Push the machine forward.  Never pull the machine backwards while it is running.

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Proper Attire

This is not the time to be setting fashion trends. Shorts, no shirt and either barefeet or sandels is not proper attire for cutting the grass.  Even though it may be a hot summer day, you should not dress as if you are going to the beach for the day.  You are not working on your tan, you are cutting the grass.

  • Wear long fitted pants and a fitted shirt.  Loose articles of clothing could catch on the moving parts of the mower.
  • Always wear closed toe shoes.
  • Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from objects that might fly out from under the mower.
  • Wear earplugs to drown out the loud noise from a gas powered mower or tractor.
  • Wear gloves to protect your hands from cuts and scratches.  It is especially important to wear gloves when you are adjusting the mower blades.

Lawncare safety should always be fresh on your mind.  You want to be able to enjoy your beautiful lawn.  You certainly don't want to spend the rest of your weekend in the emergency room.