What lawn garden tools do I absolutely need to get the job done?

You may ask, what are the essential lawn garden tools that I should buy?  Some factors that may impact your decision are: 

  • What is the size of your yard?
  • Do you plan on doing the majority of the work yourself or will you hire someone?
  • How much room do you have in your shed or garage?
  • What is your budget for lawn care tools?

While these factors are important, you also have to exercise a little commonsense.

I am a minimalist. Some may say I am frugal.  I don’t buy anything just because it is the newest and hottest craze today.  In fact, I like to buy things that are multifunctional.  This helps me keep my shed and garage areas clear.  I am not afraid to put a little elbow grease into what I am doing.  Sometimes I opt for a manual lawn garden tools over their motorized counterparts because it is more practical for my purposes.  It just doesn’t make sense for me to buy an expensive piece of equipment that I may use once a year, when I can spend less and just put a little extra effort and muscle in it to complete the task. Not everyone will agree with me on this point. I am not trying to talk you out of something you think you need. I can only speak to what has worked out for me over the years as a lawn care professional and a homeowner.

These are the lawn garden tools everyone should have in their shed or garage.

Lawn Mower

This is the most important of the lawn garden tools that you need for your home.  Cutting grass is one the three important steps in maintaining your lawn (cutting grass, feeding your lawn and watering your lawn).  Other than possibly a snow blower, this is probably the most expensive of the lawn care tools that you will purchase. The type of lawn mower that you purchase depends on the size of your yard and what purpose you want it to serve.

You can purchase a reel lawn mower, an electric lawn mower or a gas powered mower.  There is no one mower that is right for all. The prices widely vary as well.

You can buy new or you can buy used lawn equipment.  It really depends on what function you need the mower to serve, your pocket book and what feels comfortable.

To learn more about lawn mowers click here to go to the motorized lawn equipment page.

Lawn Rake and Metal Rake

 The lawn rake is used to gather debris and leaves that have fallen on your lawn.  A good lawn rake ranges in price from $20-$30.  

A metal rake is used to prepare the ground for planting seed, leveling top soil, removing thatch, overseeding and top dressing with organic matter.  A good metal rake ranges in price from $30-$40.  

This is one piece of equipment you don’t want to skimp on.  If you buy a flimsy inexpensive rake the handle will break while you are using it. If this happens to you a couple of times, you could end up spending more replacing rakes then it would have cost you to buy one of the better quality rakes in the first place.

Hand Aerator

Aerating your lawn helps loosen compacted soil which in turn allows for better water penetration into the soil.  Afterall, we do want to promote deep root growth which means we have to water deeply.  

If you have a small to medium sized yard, you may consider purchasing a hand aerator rather than having to take on the additional expense of renting one, not to mention the hassle of renting it (hauling it home and back to the rental place).  A hand aerator is also great for the corners and the drier areas of your lawn. A core hand aerator will cost between  $25 and $40.

Fertilizer Cart

A fertilizer cart or spreader allows you to evenly apply fertilizer throughout your lawn. It is important that the fertilizer is applied uniformly because if it isn’t it will create uneven growth and stress to your lawn.  

This is one of those multi-functional lawn garden tools. Because of it’s ability to apply uniformly, the fertilizer cart can also be used to plant grass seed and to apply salt during the winter.  One important note though, make sure you do not use the same cart to apply salt to your driveway and apply grass seed or fertilizer to your lawn.  If you do make this mistake, you may be visiting the lawn damage page later.  

The cost of a fertilizer cart/spreader is between $17 and $35.

Lawn Sprinkler and Garden Hose

A sprinkler and garden hose allow you to uniformly water your lawn when it is thirsty.  Soaking one area of your lawn can be disastrous in that too much water in an area can cause lawn weeds and lawn diseases.

There are several types of sprinklers (impact, oscillating and traveling) you can choose from.  You can learn more about each specific type of lawn sprinkler on the lawn watering page of this web-site.  

The lawn sprinkler costs between $5 and $30.  The average cost is under $15.  A garden hose can cost between $10 and $55. The varying price is based on the garden hose length, the garden hose thickness and the material the garden hose is made from.

Lawn Spade

This is another one of those multi-functional lawn garden tools that is great to replace it’s motorized counterpart.  A spade can be used to dig up weed patches, edge along the driveway/walkway and patio as well as replacing sod.  

This is one piece of equipment you don’t want to skimp on.  If you buy a flimsy inexpensive spade the handle will break while you are using it. If this happens to you a couple of times, you could end up spending more money replacing spades then it would have cost you to buy one of the better quality spade in the first place.  

A spade will cost you between $20 and $45.

Lawn Shears or Lawn Scissors

This is a good lawn care tool to use in those areas where it is tough for your mower to reach (in front of a flower bed, bushes or garden). It is also good to even things out along the edge of your driveway/walkway.  

There are many varieties of lawn shears. You can buy the old fashioned lawn shears that you have to get down on your hands and knees to use (this is the type that I own). You can also buy a pair with long handles that you can actually use from a standing position.  

Manual lawn shears can range from $10 and up, depending on how fancy you want to be. You can also buy it’s motorized counterpart which is obviously pricier ranging from $35 and up. 

Yard Broom

The clean-up is the finishing touch once you have completed your weekly lawn care regiment. However, you do not have to spend a lot of money on a fancy motorized blower.

This is another one of those manual lawn garden tools that will get the job done and replace it’s motorized counterpart.  A good old fashioned broom is all you need to clean up the grass clippings and other debris that accumulates on the driveway and walkways after cutting the grass.  I am not trying to knock blowers, I actually own several.  It is just not a critical piece of equipment that is required to maintain your lawn.  A regular broom will work just as well.

The cost of a broom depends on the type that you buy.  They can range from $10 to $75. The higher cost brooms are usually the commercial push brooms.

Hand Weeder

A hand weeder is great for those areas where you don’t want to or can’t apply weed killer.  It is also great for those renegade weeds.  A good weeder will remove the weed and it’s root so that the weed doesn’t regrow.  

Hand weeders come in all shapes and sizes.  They also vary in price. The cost of a hand weeder can range from $3 to $50.

Having the proper lawn garden tools to maintain your lawn is very important.  However, it is not necessary to buy the latest and greatest gadget on the market to create that beautiful lawn you are proud to call your own.  Sometimes opting for the manual lawn garden tools is a better option than buying their motorized counterpart. Yes it may require a little more work on your part; however, the most gratifying things in my life I have worked for or earned.  Besides, the money you saved by not buying unnecessary lawn garden tools you can either save or use for something else.  Also, it will allow you to maintain order in your life because your garage or shed will not be cluttered with lawn care equipment.

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