The Clean Up - The Step that Makes the Job Look Finished

This final step, the clean-up, leaves the lasting impression of your lawn for the week.  It is the difference between unattractive and sloppy  <strong>OR</strong> beautiful and well manicured.  You have invested time and effort, finish the job you started.

After your lawn has been mowedline trimmed and edged it is time for the finishing touch.  You can use good old elbow grease with a broom or you can purchase a blower.  The goal is to remove the grass clippings off of the streets, driveway, curbs, sidewalks, patio and deck steps.  Make sure the grass clippings end up back in the grass. 

Remember, the clippings are a free fertilizer for your lawn. These nitrogen rich clippings will feed your lawn. Grass clippings used in tandem with fertilizer will give your lawn that lush and healthy look you desire.

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Should I invest in a blower?

I recommend that you do.  First of all for the obvious reasons.  It makes the job quicker and easier.  Also, you can use the blower to get rid of the grass clippings around the shed, in the tree rings, in the shrubs and in the flower beds.  Lastly, the blower can act as an air rake.  If you have any ugly clumps of grass or areas where the grass clippings have built up, you can even things out.

Even though this is the final step in your weekly lawn 

maintenance regimen, it is probably the most important.  This is the final touch that makes the job look complete.  It makes others think, what is he/she doing to their lawn?

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