Reel Lawn Mowers, Are They Right For Your Lawn?

Reel lawn mowers are a good option for smaller lawns (usually under 2,000 square feet).  They work especially well on shorter grass types such as Bermuda grass and St. Augustine grass.


  • A manual push lawn mower is eco-friendly.
  • They are light and easy to work with.
  • They are quiet.  You can cut your lawn at 6am and not worry about waking your family or neighbors.
  • Easy to maintain.......No gas cans, no spark plugs, no air filters.
  • When the blades are sharp and adjusted properly, it makes a cleaner cut than a rotary mower.
  • Creates finer grass clippings that can be left on the lawn to feed it.
  • Typically less expensive.  Basic lawn mowers can cost as little as $80-$250.

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  • Blades must be sharpened and adjusted properly or it will rip the grass.  Read the owner's manual.  It will  explain how.
  • Not good on taller grasses and weeds.
  • The horizontally mounted stationary bar known as the bedknife, needs grinding every few years.
  • If the blades or the bedknife are nicked or damaged, both pieces must be replaced.

What You Need to Know When Purchasing Your Lawn Mower

  • Manual, gas and electric reel lawn mowers are available.
  • There are 2 types of reel mowers: those whose blades make contact with the reel AND those whose blades do not make contact with the reel (silent cut mower).
  • Available in widths or 14 to 24 inches.  Be careful, a wider mower may finish the job quicker but it is also harder to maneuver.
  • Ball bearings  on all the wheels makes the machine easier to maneuver.
  • Some are even ergonomically shaped.
  • Now they make some with blades that don't have to be sharpened annually.
  • You want to be able to adjust your mowing height.
  • Can be purchase with and without a catcher.
  • Make sure it complies with federal safety standards.  The mower description should tell you if it does.
  • The warranty is usually 2 - 3 years.
  • The cost can vary...... A basic lawn mower can cost anywhere from $80-$250.  Prices for a gas or electric powered lawn mower range from $250-$1,500.
Naturcut Classic HD Reel Mower

Naturcut Classic HD Reel Mower

" Untitled Document The Naturcut HD boasts high quality features and workmanship that make it the ideal choice for your lawn. Stop dealing with the hassle of large heavy gas powered mowers. Pushing an eco-friendly reel mower frees you from the noise and upkeep of traditional mowers. The Nature cut reel mower is suitable for all North American grass types, including bermuda grass. Not recommended for Zoysia grass. The Naturcut HD uses a contact free cutting system to keep the blades sharp fo"

The Why's and Why Not's of Using an Electric Reel Mower.


  • They are easier to push and the mower practically does the cutting for you.
  • The blades spin at a higher RPM.  This means more cuts per square inch which produces a cleaner cut.

Why Not's

  • They are more expensive than their manual counterpart.
  • You will not get as much of a work-out.
  • Batteries can be expensive to replace.

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Your lawn mower is the piece of lawn equipment that you will spend the most money on.  Don't buy on a whim.  Research is very important.  An educated consumer is a good consumer.  Be sure to do comparison shopping.  With the web, it is easier today than ever before.

A Few Manual Reel Lawn Mowers Stored In The Shed.

New Manual Reel Mower