Is organic lawn fertilizer a better choice than synthetic lawn fertilizer?

The use of organic lawn fertilizer is growing in popularity.  The use of synthetic chemical fertilizer is said to be a source of water pollution in our waterways. Also, fertilizer mixed with pesticides can be harmful to us, our kids and our pets.

Natural fertilizer is readily available in your local lawn and garden center. It is typically more expensive than it's synthetic counterpart. However, the price of it has come down over the last 10 or so years. Natural fertilizer is easy to use. It is a granular product that you can apply the same as a synthetic fertilizer. It also feeds your lawn with high quality nutrients. There are seven other reasons that organic lawn fertilizer should be used.

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Reason #1: Natural fertilizers are made from recycled agricultural and marine products.  Blood and bone-meal, composted animal manure, kelp, fish and seaweed are a few of the ingredients used to make natural fertilizer.  Because these products are recycled, they are not deposited into our already overcrowded landfills.

Reason #2: Natural fertilizers provide more nutrients to the soil than animal manure alone would.

Reason #3: Synthetic fertilizers release nutrients quickly and over a short period of time.  However, natural fertilizers release nutrients slower and over extended periods of time.  This is preferred because it allows you to fertilize less often.

Reason #4: Natural fertilizer won't burn or kill your lawn with extremely high levels of nitrogen. 

Reason #5: Natural fertilizer adds organic matter back into the soil.  This allows the soil to reserve water for times that it is needed such as during a drought.

Reason #6: Natural fertilizers help conserve water.  First, water isn't necessary to activate the fertilizer as with it's synthetic counterpart.  Lastly, it adds organic matter back into the soil.  This in turn helps the soil retain water to later be used during a drought.

Reason #7: Natural fertilizer doesn't contribute to water pollution.  It is estimated that up to half of the fertilizer doesn't reach our plants.  Instead it gets washed into our waterways.  Because the ingredients natural lawn fertilizer is made of are natural products, there is little chance that it will poison us, our kids, our pets and our wildlife.

Even though these fertilizers may be more expensive.  In the long run you may actually save money because you fertilize less as well as the potential to save on your water bill.

As with anything else, I always recommend that you read the package you are purchasing.  You want to make sure you pay for the product that you want.

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Organic Lawn Fertilizer - A 36 lb package cost approximately $13

Organic Lawn Fertilizer Guaranteed Analysis- This is the manufacturer's warranty that the weight analysis of the chemicals is true.

Organic Lawn Fertilizer - The directions for the settings of your fertilizer cart is on the back of the package.

Organic Lawn Fertilizer - The directions for the settings of your fertilizer cart is on the back of the package.